Xenophon was Sklang

Posted: January 29, 2011 in D-Wolf's Daily, Sklang!
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Yesterday I completely revised a rap of mine I call ‘Avalon‘ after the mythical, otherworldly island of apples said to be the final resting place of King Arthur. The rhyme is more of a chant than anything else, a repetitious drone of anapaests, with fantastic and historical references thrown in all over the place. I’ll give you the first two lines:

Gods reign on the road to Avalon,

It’s been a long way from the city of Xenophon,

*And then I thought: ‘Hang on, who is Xenophon anyway?”.

Well it turns out the dude was sklang. I really hope someone reads this because otherwise they will not discover that the cult film The Warriors was really just based on the 2400 year-old soldier-philosopher original, Socrates mate, ad hoc strategist, journalist and general Xenophon. The short story is that Xenophon tagged along with an army of 10,000 (mainly Greeks) lead by Cyrus the Younger, who wanted to fight for the Persian throne of his father, Darius II. The army fought it’s way deep into the Persian empire (which was massive massiv! at that time), there was a battle at Cunaxa, Cyrus got killed, so the 10,000 Greeks had to get the hell outta there asap – without leadership.

That’s when Xenophon stepped in. The rest is history … in particular his history: the Anabasis.

Sklang verb empire werharrt!


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