Leagues Album Launch@Catfood Press Tonight!

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Reviews, Sklang Venues
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My schoolmate Leagues is having an album launch/cover art exhibition in East Brunswick tonight. Kicks off in about 8 minutes from now (that’s seven pm sklangazoids). I’ll be there before too long, probably with a couple of Zodin/Sklang shirts which I plan to flog guerrilla style. Below be deets. Werd.

Catfood press

289 Lygon st Brunswick east
Melbourne, Australia


But about Leagues (aka Liam Barton): He’s been making music for as long as I can remember – Colony Crew anyone?  – he also paints like a true sklang art hound. I’ve seen his works at Irenes (just round the corner from Catfood Press incidentally) fairly recently but to be honest Legaues moves fast and works hard. To my knowledge he has never stopped.

I also remember Black Lung Theatre – not sure exactly whose brainchild it was, but I remember Liam playing up a storm in the band. To summarise, Liam is well clued in to the underground flavour of nothside, the world and beyond. Now I’m sklang psyched to go.

Verb up and verb out ye Boggarts!


  1. […] album launch over in East Brunswick. You can read more about it on Damon’s blog here! Tomorrow’s gonna be a scorcher: 40 Celsius/104 Farenheit; I’m thinking of going […]

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