Unshaped Internet Brings New Blog!

Posted: October 24, 2010 in D-Wolf's Daily

Well it’s good to have my web approaching at modern speeds once more. Throwing a dinner party tonight in honour of my lovely lady Stina’s return to Melbourne so I’ll need to keep this typically short.


Teaching Judo at Shudokan during Ivan and Celie sensei’s trip to California has been great. Getting the hang of Fruity Loops and still kicking it with Photoshop is rewarding too.

Still smuggling Sklang! Rumbling on the good fight tip – just volunteered for some letter boxing to help keep Northcote moving towards a green awareness. I seriously think most of us have our priorities in life a bit jumbled, but few can rival the great political, commerical and industrial powers of this world for backward, shortsighted and dubious perspectives on the infinite flow of ideas and questions, forms and voids of knowledge.

That’s why I encourage people to think “green” – look to life to live. Don’t look at the people who think they know exactly where and how to look. P to the ease,




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