State Championships at Flemington

Posted: June 21, 2010 in D-Wolf's Daily

It was a pretty decent turn out for the VAJU state championships this year. I had three fights – one default win, because one of the competitors had to pull out due to a sprained ankle – being the lightest fighter by far in the senior mens pool the bout for gold was a wonderful struggle. I lost on penalties (which I’m not proud of, but in a way, it was pretty close to a draw). In one match I was impressed by the skill of a new addition to Shudokan, who did very well for himself, and I was also happy to see some senior women’s competition.

Nevertheless, we need more women in Judo, more girls, more long term committed judoka who learn the ins and outs of shihai (competition). We need more demonstration and  discussion of Judo concepts, theory, kata. Simple questions need to be asked, I think. Like: “Where did Judo come from?”, “Where is it going?” “How can Judo bring about world peace, and mutual prosperity?”

The late Kyuzo Mifune, 10th Dan, in his book The Canon of Judo, revealed a technique he came up with called “tama-guruma” 玉車, lit. “Sphere Wheel”. The idea of the technique is to throw an opponent by momentum alone. Whether or not this technique would be viable in randori or competition is missing the point. Mifune was trying to develop Judo in it’s entirety – the philosphy, the way, the vision.

Today there is not enough shared understanding, or rather, there is not enough acknowledgement of our shared understanding, the things that we mutually grasp as beneficial and progressive, in perpetuating our human society. This problem extends to Judo also. Fewer and fewer people appreciate (as Mifune did) that Judo is a living entity, constantly growing and changing, expanding and contracting.

Judo’s popularity in Australia has been shrinking for some time. The rise of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has done little to give judo more credit. Rather, while one way completely encompasses the other, both schools continue to bicker, compete, and fragment. Its a situation reflected the world over – waves of informations smash us into raving individual droplets of spray and foam. Harmony of society remains illusive. Harmony of culture perhaps needs to lead the way. But I don’t mean to suggest that Asian, European, African and American cultures should meld indistinguishably into each other. Rahter music culture, food culture, sports culture, health culture, art culture etc. could be blended more.

I find it remarkable that in the year 2010, there is no widely recognised council of martial arts. Or clubs having open days… or combining clubs with schools, and emphasising the art, rather than the martial. Anyway, that’s about all I have to say on the matter right now, I hope it was informative.

  1. Brilliant D-Wolf, brilliant… Well said… Can I quote you?

  2. Harley says:

    I didn’t know your were so passionate and in touch with this beautiful art and its relevance to the world. I gives me further hope in humanity, when a person expresses himself in such a way as you have. We must be careful that our passions and beliefs are not our lives but they are apart of our lives. May we live in harmony.
    Peace, Love and Happiness.

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