Pulverised Hands Make For Short Blogs

Posted: June 16, 2010 in D-Wolf's Daily, Judo, Reviews, Sklang Venues

Ouch ouch ouch. O Judo, how dear you must be to me. Speaking of which, STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS are this sunday (20th) at Flemington Community Centre.

Also, go see Godwin Bradbeer’s latest at the gallery on 67 Cambridge st, Fitzroy.

Also, Total Eclipse(!), Mz Rizk, Zack Rampage are rockin Ms Libertines, HipHop DJ style, in two weeks. Went there tonight – Mz Rizk and Able were sklanging, and biggupples to 1/6, even though I only caught part of his set.

If you don’t know any of these MC, DJ, artist names I be dropping, WHERE YOU BEEN? Not repping at northside sklangside hiphop gigs, thats ferdang sure.

Just saw on FB,  Syrene posted somtin about an OZ SOUL COLLECTIVE – sounds interesting, I’m listening.

Ok, that’s me off the hook, genuine promo of the above events coming very soon. I promise (maybe).hahaSKLANG!

  1. Isn’t Godwin amazing?! He lectured us at UTAS as a guest artist. He is good friends with my partners family, but I must admit I haven’t seen any of his new work in years…

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