Yeehat, Ive sore back (Hello, I have a sore back)

Posted: May 30, 2010 in D-Wolf's Daily, Uncategorized

Today, a relatively unique scenario: people will attempt to strangle or armlock me (and I them). The Victorian Judo Union’s first ever Kosen Judo tournament is being held in Flemington. I’ll probably be referee as well as compete. Only problem is I strained something a little in my back during training. Hohum.

In other news I have made more progress on one of my many projects – The Sklangtionary i.e. a dictionary of words relating to the age of Sklang! So far the Sklangtionary only has a few words – and they can only be found on Googlewave, which I was playing with a few months back. BUT, on Friday, at Mantra’s gig, I met a couple of dudes who seemed very interested in making the language as we see fit.

Street Poetics regular Jack Hewitt gave me a couple of goodies – he described a shirt as a wiklahpul (spelling?) and trousers as leggers. Another rapper, Seth, boasted a “Fictionary” of over 100 words. And yesterday I came up with at least 20. It’s genuinely exalting, to play with our language, and the concept of language, and best of all, the perception of language. Challenging? Mos cert. Funcool? Deedely.

  1. Jack Hewitt says:

    I have a whole list of words that I just found on my hardrive that I shall digg up and Donate to the Sklangtionary!

    Akyndgleg: Pronounced: ”Ay-Kind-Gleg” – Meaning ”When you are struck with overwhelming happiness”

    MotMot: Pronounced: ”Mot-Mot ” – Meaning ”Death”

    The Izzlehowzer: Pronounced: ”Izz-Ill-How-Zer” – Meaning ” The Government”

    Dugrig: Pronounced: ”Dug-Grig” – Meaning ”A hole in the ground”

    Skuzzlung: Pronounced: ”Scuzz-Lung” – Meaning ”Food”
    (Skuzzling) – Meaning – ”Eating Food”

    Repitayswaaaaah: Pronounced: ”Rep-E-Tay-Swa” (With 5 A’s) – Meaning ”Writting”

    Swanga: Pronounced: ”Swang-A” – Meaning ”Door”.

    Merhergalag: Pronounced ”Mer-Her-Galag” – Meaning ”Grandma”

    Merhimgalag: Pronounced ”Mer-Him-Galag” – Meaning ”Grandpa”

    Zetsells: Pronounced: ”Zet-Sells” Meaning ”Biscuits”

    Crudular: Pronounced: ”Crud-U-Lah” Meaning ”Wide open Space”

    Blungular: Pronounced: ”Blung-U-Lah” Meaning: ”Small Crowded Spaces”

    Vaxiltron: Pronounced: ”Vacks-Ill-Tron” Meaning ”To Tip Your Shoe”

    Weklarpool: Pronounced ”Weklar-pool” Meaning ”Shirt”

    Brugged: Pronounced ”Brugg-Ed” Meaning ”A duel to the Death”

    Smuggens – ”Smugg-ens” Meaning ”Facial Hair/s”

    Strello’d – ”Stre-Lowed” Meaning ”To get hit by a Automobile”

    Eyegils – ”I-Gils” – Meaning ”Glasses”

    Leggers – ”Legg-Ers” – Meaning ”Pants”

    Tattle Taler – ”Tatt-El-Taler” – Meaning ”Storyteller”

    Lorkus – ”Lork-Us” – Meaning – ”Hat”

    Urt – ”Ert” – Meaning – ”Short”

    Ketwat – ”Ket-Wut” – Meaning – ‘Tall”

    Nocroggen – ”Noc-Roggen” – Meaning ”Brain”

    there’s about 25 there….. makes me wanna think of some more.

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