Mishap in the Robocalypse – A Graff Review

Posted: May 30, 2010 in D-Wolf's Daily, Reviews

Sklang!’s weekly rehearsal at TETRIS got cancelled last minute last night, so I was stuck at the studio with not much to do save gawk at polished pieces. I was on the look out for one long mural in partic – Mishap, Sims and Name’s – brains in jars powering blood-red spiderish robots over a wasted landscape, with a near despairing yet survival-determined girl peeping out of a window pane in a cardboard box, feigning an alliance with the humanity murdering mechanical nightmares around her.

So go to TETRIS, look to the wall nearest the garage door (on the left as you enter) – the grim mayhem of it all will draw you in, extract a segment of unusual brain tissure and analyse.  I could provide some links but I’m not gonna – google away to you’re hearts content, and know that I always got my eye on the North Side!


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